If you don't see what you want I can get it in.


I Never Have New Stock On Hand!
"NEW" Firearms are never kept in
stock but are easily ordered on request.
All second hand guns are  stored with
another dealer under secure 24/7 guard.


If you're stupid enough to contact me trying to obtain a firearm illegally be warned,
I log those calls and e-mails and pass them on to the Police!
I've invested to much into this business to risk it all for a few crooked bucks!

My Sales Policy.
If you purchase any item from RPG you are in agreement with
my sales policies. Remember, my shop, my rules...


My NEW gun prices are fairly accurate but because of the fluctuating   dollar and sometimes my clumsiness, it's always
a good idea to get an updated quote.

Pictures of "NEW" guns are examples only and there may be variations in finish, sights, grips, serial numbers and accessories etc.


.22 & .17 RIMFIRE.
ANSCHUTZ 1907 .22 Barrelled action NEW Comes with tools & CD all you need is to do is fit your own stock-$2165

BAIKAL MP-94MP COMBINATION O/U .22/410g NEW Tough, top quality over and under combo gun. Walnut stock, scope rail, 3 interchangeable chokes and tool. The 94MP is probably the best small caliber/gauge combination gun available today!-$785

Grade-1 NEW A smooth leaver action if there ever was one---$1185

BROWNING BL-22 .22 Grade-II NEW A magnificent lever action rimfire in every way!---$1465

CZ "SCOUT" .22 NEW A great gun to start with, perfect for junior shooters and those of smaller stature---$685

CZ 452 LUX  & LUX TB .22 NEW---$845

CZ 452 Varmint 22LR NEW---$865  .22Mag---$985

CZ 452 .22 Classic NEW---$965

CZ 455 .22 NEW A top hunting and target gun, reliable, tough and accurate-$685 Classic-$845  Deluxe--$795

CZ ZKM45517VRTTH .17 HMR & .22 NEW Blue, Heavy barrel Varmint. A top-notch bunny buster!---$995

 CZ Info Link

IZMASH BI-7-2-KO .22 NEW In Store! A super accurate toggle action, superior to any other on the market! Great for silhouette, hunting and target. Read the revue in the "Guns n Goodies!" page. It comes with 3 mags, 2X5 and 1X10 shot, tool kit and instructions, hammer forged barrel etc--$1265   Example pic scope not included.    

LITHGOW "Crossover" .22 NEW Stainless Synthetic, with 5 shot magazine---$985

MARLIN 25 .22 VERY GOOD Very little used, a great first gun comes with bag, sling and extra mag---$265

NORINCO JW-21 .22 VERY GOOD A solid no nonsense copy of the Winchester leaver action---$465

NORINCO JW-25A .22 NEW Are you a "Stormtrooper" on a budget? An "Oberschutze" with an over draft or a "Reichskokarde" in the red? Then the JW-25A is for you Kameraden! Manufactured by our fraternal brothers and sisters in faraway China this is a handsome recreation of the classic German K98, it will even mount an original bayonet or any modern scope and because of its heft its VERY stable and VERY accurate! Gott in Himmel it just screams "Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Fuhrer!" Start annexing your Sudetenland today! Great for the SSAA small-bore service match as well---$545

NORINCO JW-15A .22 NEW Bolt Action Rifle Black Synthetic Stock - Package Deal---$395

NORINCO JW-15 Compact with a 16" barrel NEW---$365

RUGER 77/22 .22 NEW A solidly handsome, accurate and dependable ten shot twenty two---$1025

Same as above but with a more conventional stock---$685

Savage Mark II BV .22LR NEW---$665

Savage 93R17 TR NEW---$795

A solid, basic little bunny gun, it comes with an original Sterling sling---$295

TOZ 17-01 .22 GOOD Made in the good old CCCP till they sold out to the corrupt running dog capitalists of the imperial west!!
"Is strong like Ox, smart like tractor!"

TOZ 78-16 .22 NEW In Store! Adjustable trigger, adjustable rear sight from 25 to 100m, 2x5 and 2x10 shot mags, take down tool, instructions (in English!) Barrel has been factory threaded for a you-know-what. A top hunting and target outfit-$695 Example Pic

Australian made!
Two sizes to chose from, 6.4mm and 8mm will fit almost all types of pistol,
rifle, shotgun, revolvers, autos and military firearms.*

.22 Rifle                          Military                          Semi-auto                          Revolver                           Shotgun
Including post direct to you.
Will not fit firearms with wide, "target" triggers.*

No Gun smithing scope mounts for
SMLE No1-Mk3 and Enfield No4-Mk1,2,5

SMLE No1-Mk3                                No4-Mk1,2,5       

Great if you don't want to ruin the original finish and configuration of your rifle with ugly drill and tap holes but still want to mount a scope.
Made of tough T6 aluminium bar and shaped on a CAD machine (not moulded or cast) these high quality scope mounts will last a life time!
Uses Weaver type rings comes with tool and simple to follow instructions.
Price includes post direct to you---$65
Go to
Scope Mounts for more information.

My NEW gun prices are fairly accurate but because of the fluctuating dollar it's always a good idea to get an updated quote.

ACCURACY INTERNATIONAL NEW What can I say, the Rolls-Royce of sniper rifles! It's an honour to be shot at by one of these guns! AX .338 Lapua Mag-$8265 .308-$7965
AX Stock
---$1595   AX AICS stock in FDE colour is $1,795 Extra mags---$155
Unlike many overseas manufactures web-sites that may or may not export every thing they make to Australia, Every thing AI has is available here.

BAIKAL MP-221 .45-70 NEW A fast handling double gun! Barrels can be easily regulated to adjust point of impact.
Great fun and a top choice for big deer and pigs etc---$1165
Example pics. 

BAIKAL IZH-94 COMBINATION O/U 12ga/.30-06  12ga/.308 win  12g/.223  .22/410 NEW  Tough, top quality over and under combo guns! Walnut stock, scope rail, chromed barrels, three chokes 12ga/.30-06 .308 .223---$1095 .22/20g or .410-$995

BAIKAL IZH-94 "EXPRESS" .223 .308 .30-06 NEW
A solid and dependable under and over double rifle---$895

BAIKAL MP-94 "EXPRESS" 9.3X74R NEW In Store! Solid and dependable double guns, accurate and easy to regulate to point of impact. 9.3X74R-$1025 Example Pic.

BAIKAL IZH-18MH NEW .222 .223 .243 7.62x39 .308 and 30-06 A handy and solid little single shot, great for back-packing or teaching kids the fundamentals of shooting-$485 Example pic  7.62X39  Synthetic Stock in .308-$595  Both in Store!

BAIKAL Scope Mounts NEW Original 1" all steel scope mounts for your Baikal rifles---$125

CHIAPPA 1894 .357 ALMOST AS NEW Beautiful fit and finish, great for western action-$965

COLT M2012 NEW Colt M2012 Link---$4965 Extra mags 5 shot--$155  Extra mags 10 shot--$185
COLT M2012 Manners stock NEW---$4365  COLT M2012 Lite tactical NEW---$3765 

COOPER 57 VE .243 NEW In store! A quality custom gun, great fit and finish stocked in "AAA" quality wood--$3485

COOPER 57 "Classic" .308 NEW In store! A great top quality all round centerfire in "AA" wood---$2585

HAENEL RS8 .308 .300Win mag NEW An all new state of the art precision rifle, tough reliable and accurate!---$4865

LITHGOW SMLE SPORTER .303-270 GOOD Some spoterized SMLEs are clumsily done, this example isn't too bad. The wood
has been handsomely shaped though a little dinged but the checkering has been well executed, should do up nicely--$365

LITHGOW SMLE SPORTER .303-25 NOT BAD A tradesman like conversion, a good project gun---$325

MOLOT "NAGANT" KO-91/30 7.62X54R NEW These guns were designed for hunting the Russian steppe or deep Siberia, far from gunsmiths, there as tough a hunting rifle as they come! Detachable 4X32 scope, instructions etc-$1125 Example pic. 
Be aware these guns are constructed from new and good quality surplus parts and there may be slight variations from gun to gun.

MOSSBERG 464 .30-30 NEW Almost identical to the Winchester 94 in every way---$765

MOSSBERG MVP .223 NEW A little tack-driver! 1 in 9 twist means it will shoot just about any prodgie available! I have one of these guns and at 300m it put all
its shots into a 7cm circle using factory ammo!---$985
Example pic. 

REMINGTON 700 SPS .223 etc NEW A gun to take on those long treks into the bush, light, tough and accurate!--$1145

REMINGTON 700 "POLICE" LTR .223 & 7.62 NEW A top performer!---$1785

REMINGTON  700 VLS .243 etc NEW---$1395


REMINGTON 7625 & 7615  7.62 & .223 NEW
Fast handling, hard hitting and accurate! Synth stock, parkerized finish, "Ghost sights" drilled and
taped for scope, 7.62 & .223---$1665

REMINGTON VTR .223 .308 NEW---$1485

REMINGTON 7600 .270 etc NEW---$1455
REMINGTON 7615 .223 etc NEW---$1785

RUGER 77/22 .22 NEW Stainless synthetic or blue wood, 10 shot---$1125

RUGER "GUN SIGHT SCOUT" .308 NEW In a word, outstanding. The ideal Aussie .308 bolt gun!---$1225

RUGER "GUN SIGHT SCOUT" .308 ALMOST AS NEW Comes with scope mounts and bag---$985 Example pic

RUGER "GUN SIGHT SCOUT" .308 LEFT HAND ALMOST AS NEW A great gun, bag and shoulder strap-$1065

RUGER NO1 NEW All cals, blue or stainless, walnut or laminated etc B1 Blue, walnut-$1395  RSI S/S Laminated-$1425

RUGER 77 VT MK II .204 .223 22.250 .243 .25-06 .308 NEW s/steel laminated stock, scope mounts etc---$1145

RUGER M77 HAWKEYE NEW A top-notch light sporter in a wide range of calabers. .223 .204 .243 .308 .270 .300WIN .22-250
.25-06 30-06 .338 Federal .358WIN  The gun comes with steel rings and the new LC6 trigger. Stainless steel or blue, synthetic
stock or wood---$1195  

RUGER M77 HAWKEYE .308 AS NEW This gun seem not to have been fired! Comes with rings and bag--$865

RUGER M77 MK2 RBZ NEW Stainless steel, laminated or synthetic stock, scope mounts and comes in popular calibres. Great all round gun,
tough and reliable--$1255 (Lam)  

RUGER Info Link

ROSSI PUMA STAINLESS STEEL 20" .38/357 NEW A top notch leaver action and a great choice for the western action match!
20" round or 24" octagonal barrels, 10 shot tube mag, "Buck horn" rear sights. Authentic, reliable and accurate!
20" Round barrel. Blue--$885  Stainless steel--$955   24" Octagonal barrel, Blue--$965 Stainless steel--$1065

SAKO TRG 42 & 22 NEW  State of the hard hitting arts!
TRG 42 .300 & .338 Lapua 
Blue Finish---$5795  Phosphor Finish---$6895
TRG 22 .308
Blue Finish---$4895  Phosphor Finish---$5795

Other Sako models are available, please phone for a quote.

SAVAGE Single Shot Target action NEW---$995
SAVAGE BA110 .338 & .300WM NEW---$3255

SAVAGE BA10 .308 NEW---$2895

SAVAGE SPORTER 16FCSS NEW S/steel, synth/stock .223 .243 .308 .270wsm .300 wsm
Left handed models are in .243 22-250 .308 .270 wsm. Tough, reliable, accurate, a top hunting outfit at an affordable price 4 shot detachable mag-$1155

SAVAGE 12 FVSS NEW A top shelf varminter, stainless barrel, synthetic stock etc---$1225

SAVAGE 12 BR 6mm NEW---$2025

SAVAGE FCP McMillan .308 NEW---$1965

SAVAGE "PALMA MATCH" .308 NEW One of the best, single shot, out of the box target rifles there is!---$2985

SAVAGE 12 VLP .223 .204 .22-250 .243 .308 NEW In a word deadly! Easily one of the finest varmint/target rifles available today! Heavy fluted barrel, "Acu-trigger" laminated stock, detachable magazine. (Available in left hand! .223 .204 .22-250)-$1495

Savage Model 12 VLP DBM .223 .204 .22-250 .243 .308 NEW---$1495

SAVAGE CLASSIC Model 14 Most popular calabers NEW---$1285

SAVAGE AMERICAN CLASSIC Model 114 .270 and up NEW---$1285

SAVAGE Info Link

SCHULTZ & LARSEN "CLASSIC DL" .22-250 .243 6.5X55 .308 Win etc NEW Traditional European quality!--$1985
Left handed modes---$1995   Example pic

SCHULTZ & LARSEN "CLASSIC DL" .300Win Mag NEW A high quality rifle, great wood, fit and finish---$1785

SPORTCO OMARK M44 7.62 VERY GOOD These classic Australian made target rifles my no longer feature in national and international full-bore competitions but they can still hold there own in any company. Great if you want to try your hand at long range target shooting with iron sights or with a scope attached have a go at "F" class. As a single shot heavy varmint gun there are few better! A friend of mine regularly snipes pigs and goats out to 400-500 meters with his M44!---$465

STEYR HS50 M1 .50BMG NEW Coming Soon---About $9650 

STEYR SCOUT NEW .223 .243 .308  Weaver rail, sling swivels, synth stock. Stainless-$3365  Blue-$3185 scopes not included.

STEYR ELITE NEW.308 & .223
Synth stock, hammer forged barrel etc Blue---$4465   Stainless---$4665

THOMPSON CENTRE (TC) "VENTURE" All Popular Calabers NEW Top of the line!---$1085

THOMPSON CENTRE (TC) "VENTURE" Cammo lite weight All Popular Calabers NEW Top of the line!---$1285

THOMPSON CENTRE "ENCORE" Barrels most calabers---$685

TIKKA T3 LITE STAINLESS etc .223 .308 etc NEW A great all rounder---R/H $965  L/H---$1165 Cammo---$1365

TIKKA T3 "TACTICAL" .308 NEW As practical a "Hunter/Sniper/Target" rifle as you could desire!---$2665

TIKKA T3 HUNTER MOST CALABERS NEW Blue---$1325  Stainless steel---$1395

TIKKA T3 "Varmint" .243 etc S/S NEW---$1425

TIKKA T3 "Super Varmint" NEW---$1665

TIKKA T3 Battue Lite .308 etc  NEW---$1355

UBERTI "Sharps Rifles" .45-70 etc NEW 1874 SHARPS BOSS 45-70---$2665 1874 SHARPS QUIGLEY SPORTING---$2285
SHARPS COMPETITION 45-70 34in---$2165 SHARPS LONG RANGE 45-70cal---$2185

My NEW gun prices are fairly accurate but because of the fluctuating dollar it's always a good idea to get an updated quote.

Chiappa Firearms "1858 ENFIELD" RIFLE .58 NEW Accurate and reliable, last issued British muzzle loaders, so good it was used throughout the
American civil war by both sides-$895

PEDERSOLI BROWN BESS .75 NEW A great replica of the classic British long arm.
Start your empire building today!-$1520

PEDERSOLI MISSOURI RIVER HAWKEN RIFLE .50 NEW This high quality reproduction comes with a Bullet mold, full instructions and DVD. Handsome walnut stock, set triggers, adjustable buckhorn sights and browned barrel make this a top choice for your next black powder "Rendezvous."---$1165

A one off!
Brazilian walnut stock blank

Brazilian walnut stock blank, 3" wide and with plenty of
length to allow for a 44" bbl and a long length of pull.
Timber has seasoned for at least 20 years and has
been cut to this blank shape for 15 years.
Great piece for a black powder rifle project.
Bargain price $250 cash, no offers please
Ph 0412 273 552
Gunstock Services

An exotic looking five shot lever action! Adjustable stock, two five shot mags and instructions.
This is a great plinker and all round fun gun, well made and surprisingly accurate with the right pellets---$365

BAIKAL MP-512M .177 NEW A solid yet lightweight air arm that pushes its .177 pellet at 1000mps!---$195

BENJAMIN FRANKLIN Model 342 .22 GOOD A real collectors piece! Still very shootable, wood and metal Ok-$195

BSA "METEOR" .22 GOODISH A well built Pommy made gun with heaps of Starling busting grunt---$215

Info Link

TX7HRB - TX200 .177 FAC RH Beech  NEW---$1282

TX7HRW - TX200 .177 FAC RH Walnut NEW--- $1395

PS7HRB - Right hand beech .177 NEW---$1485

PS7HRW - Right hand walnut s .177 NEW---$1665

AIR ARMS TX200 Mk3 .177 or .22 NEW A solid hunting air gun, rugged, dependable and accurate. R/H Beach Stock--$1165
Walnut Stock---$1265  
Example pic

AIR ARMS "Pro Sport" .177 or .22 NEW Start at---$1125 (Depending on stock type)

AIR ARMS S510 X-tra FAC .22 NEW---$1245

AIR ARMS "Extra S/L .22 & .177 NEW---$1385

AIR ARMS S510 .22 A handsome Bunny killer! NEW---$1245

GAMO CF-16 .177 GOOD A man-sized gun. It's seen a little use but still has plenty of "Starling busting" grunt!---$295

NORCIA 73 .177 ALMOST AS NEW A big man sized air rifle in top condition---$225

SHERIDAN "Blue Streak" .5mm GOOD Like the Benjamin 342 above I remember when almost every disposal store sold these.
It's a solid fun gun in good shooting condition---$225

SLAVIA 618 .177 GOOD A solid little break action, perfect for kids---$95


If you contact me to try to obtain a firearm illegally be warned,
I log those calls and e-mails and pass
them on to the Police!

Do you have a gun or militaria that's Surplus to your needs?
Did grand dad forget to pop into the Q store before rejoining Civie street?
Perhaps there's something stuck in the shed or buried away that you probably
shouldn't have around any more?
Regardless of type, calibre, make, category (A, B, C, D, H)
or even if it's not registered,
 give me a call and lets see if we can turn it into $$$

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N.B. I do not respond to SMS

I don't like using E-MAIL and I won't respond to SMS. The reason being is that I can't spell to save myself and
I couldn't even read or write till I was about 16-17 I have that Dyslex-Dissle-Diisslexear (Bugger!) you know, that
thing that stops you from spelling properly and my spell-check seems permanently to be stuck on Swahili...
, Keep it VERY short and to the point, if it's to long, technical and rambling I probably won't read it...
Please read my sales policy to make things easier for all and please,

1: I do not stock spare parts, ammunition or reloading components.
2: I won't respond to a shopping list containing 10-20 items or SMS messages!
3: I won't respond to long winded rambling e-mails or open-ended enquiries such as,
"What sort of .22s are around?" Do your own research please!
Go to the Links page for manufactures and importers details.
I also need the make and model number of the items you want or I can't do an accurate quote.

4: Sorry but I don't take extra photographs of firearms.
I don't export outside Australia.

A $5 bank fee is applied to all credit card transactions.

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