Instructions for Internet and Banking Deposits:
I like to get your purchases to you as quickly as possible
so please follow these instructions to the letter to avoid any delays.
Please forgive the blunt and abrupt wording but it's vital we get things 100% correct.
I'm very sorry but I do not do lay-buys or accept part payments or "holding" deposits.

1: If I send you an invoice I have a firearm available ready to be sent to your dealer or club armour,
your purchase is not secure or finalized untill it is fully paid for, so please, do not wait
for your PTA etc before making payment as items may be out of stock if you leave it too long.

 National Australia Bank:

BSB: 082294    ACC: 284437940    Account name: RPG

Phone: (02) 99705872  or  0413996795 

: I need your: full name and the item/s you have ordered
when you make the deposit from your internet bank. E.G. Fred Smith, Colt Python .357
That's if your bank gives you enough room on their web site.

3: Please send a conformation E-mail (not SMS) to with the banks
conformation number as soon as you have made the deposit with,

 1: Your full name. 

2: Your phone number.

3: Item/s you have ordered.

4: Your dealer/armour's FULL name,
Their licence number,
Postal address,
State and post code
Contact number.
Any instructions you may have.
I cannot send the your gun without all
the above information being fully provided!

Nothing must be left out even if your dealer/armour
says I have their details, I need it all again so I can make a postage label.

N.B. A conformation e-mail that says nothing more than, "Hi Bob, I just deposited the $500 for the gun" will probably
leave me scratching my head, please give me full information about who you are and what you have purchased.

I will then respond to your email with a postal
tracking number when I send the gun.

Please remember, if you make the deposit into the wrong account or give
me incorrect postal information etc and your money or firearms etc go
 missing, though I will always try to help as best I can, ultimately
it is your responsibility to get it right not mine.


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