If you don't see what you want I can get it in.

I Never Have Stock On Hand!
"NEW" Firearms are never kept in
stock but are easily ordered on request.
All second hand guns are  stored with
another dealer under secure 24/7 guard
at another location.

All comings and goings of people and vehicles are
remote monitored and recorded 24/7

If you're stupid enough to contact me trying to obtain a firearms, parts or accessories
illegally be warned,
I log those calls and e-mails and pass them on to the Police!
I've invested to much into this business to risk it all for a few crooked bucks!

My Sales Policy.
If you purchase any item from RPG you are in full agreement with
all my sales policies. Remember, my shop, my rules...


My NEW gun prices are fairly accurate but because of the fluctuating 
dollar and sometimes my clumsiness, it's always
a good idea to get an updated quote.

                         Pictures of "NEW" guns are examples only and there may be variations
                                      in finish, sights, grips, serial numbers and accessories etc.


BROWNING "325 Grade 1" 12g 2 3/4 VERY GOOD A nice solid double gun with clean wood and finish with bright 32" barrels.
It has fixed chokes full and modified (probably) and adjustable trigger, comes in a bag with snap-caps--$1695

FABARM "GAMMA" 12g 2-3/4" VERY GOOD A solid little used safe queen seeing not a lot of use. The 27.5" barrels are nice and shiny
with a hi-vis front sight and the wood is clean with sharp checkering, it has removable chokes but I can't tell what they are there's one insignificant
scuff mark on the action otherwise its in top condition--$1295 

HOLLIS & SONS 12g 2-3/4" VERY GOOD There's nothing quite like a Birmingham made British shotgun and this old gent is no exception, just perfect
for strolling around the estate on an early spring morning ready pot the odd pheasant or peasant that crosses your path, jolly good what!
This gun has been rebuilt recently and comes with bright, Nitro proofed 30" barrels, extractors and seems to be cylinder bored, comes cased--$595

MIROKU "Stirling Model 500" 12g GOOD A solid Japanese made side by side gun is fine condition for its age, the wood has been cleaned and oiled, the action and
double triggers are nice and tight. The 28" Full and FC choked barrels are nice and bright, all in all it's a solid gun all over and a real shooting collectors item--$565

MOSSBERG "Maverick" HS12 12G O/U NEW Synthetic stock, mod & improved chokes 28" barrels and extractors. A simple no nonsense under and over
double gun, at home on the range as well as in the field!---$785

MOSSBERG  HS75 .410G 12G O/U NEW Walnut stock, 5 chokes, 28" barrels and extractors---$895

SHS Straight pull 12g NEW Straight pull in synthetic or timber 20" and 30" barrel lengths available with 5 chokes--$865    
SHS STP12 Straight pull 12g NEW Category A firearm in Victoria.  4 round tubular magazine. Adjustable stock with in built shell holder, 20" barrel with
fibre optic rifle sights. Rear ghost ring sight, forend. picatinny rail for torch mounting--$865

UZKON Model 887/21 and 887/28 Lever Action 12g  NEW Great value for money! 5 Shot magazine, 21 or 28" 4140 Hardened Steel, chrome lined barrel with hardened screw in chokes, 7075 Alloy Receiver, 5630 Hardened Steel short stroke lever, walnut stock. Out of the current crop of lever action shotguns this is probably the best-$825 Model 887/28  ---$825    

W.W. Greener Empire 12g VERY GOOD Just the thing for his lordship to take on his daily stroll around the estate, ready to pot the odd
Pheasant or Peasant that may cross his path.
This classic English side-by-side is in remarkable condition, retaining about 95% of its original bluing and case hardening.
The lock-up is nice and tight, the barrels are nitro proofed  and apart from some very minor dings and a chip out of its Bakelite butt-plate,
the stock is in great shape. All in all this is a great shooters and collectors piece--$1265

* Some pistols/rifles due to there calibre, action, barrel length, mag capacity or year of manufacture can only
 be acquired with a specific collectors permit, contact your states
firearm registry for details.
If you purchase a gun that you find you are not allowed to poses sorry but there will be no refund.

 "Less Kick"

Take the pain out of shooting!
For All Sporting and Military Firearms.
.222 to .470 Nitro .410 to10g
100% Australian made!
$135 including post to you anywhere in Australia!

Go to Recoil Reducers for more information

Automatic Internal and External
Surveillance Camera Systems.
Once the motion detector is triggered the camera will instantly send 
notifications and snapshots to 5 email address and a live video stream to your mobile phone!

Go to Camera Systems for more information.


If you don't see what you want I can get it in.


If you contact me to try to obtain a firearm illegally be warned,
I log those calls and e-mails and pass
them on to the Police!

Do you have a gun or militaria that's Surplus to your needs?
Did grand dad forget to pop into the Q store before rejoining Civie street?
Perhaps there's something stuck in the shed or buried away that you probably
shouldn't have around any more?
Regardless of type, calibre, make, category (A, B, C, D, H)
or even if it's not registered,
 give me a call and lets see if we can turn it into $$$

"I will always try to better or equal
any reasonable quote!"

Office Hours
  9.00 AM - 6.00 PM

PHONE: (02) 99705872
MOB: 0413996795

N.B. I do not respond to SMS

Please read my sales policy to make things easier for all and please take note,

1: Very sorry, I don't do lay-buys.
2: I do not stock spare parts, ammunition or reloading components.
I won't respond to a shopping list containing 10-20 items or SMS messages.
  4: Please keep it short and to the point as I won't respond to long winded rambling e-mails
or open-ended enquiries such as, "What sort of .22s are around?"
I also need the make and model number of the items you want or I can't do an accurate quote.

5: Sorry but I don't take extra photographs of firearms.
6: I don't export outside Australia.
If you are trying to obtain a firearm illegally read the
warning above and in
My Sales Policy.
Police have been known to monitor dealers emails...
 8: If I don't answer within 24 hours it usually means I'm waiting for a response
from an importer or you haven't read or understood the above.
Grumpy bugger aren't I!

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