Buying, selling, warrantees & all that stuff in VERY plain, non legalese English.

I run this business to the letter of the law!
If you're stupid enough to contact me trying
to obtain firearms, ammunition
parts and accessories illegally be warned,
I log all those calls and
e-mails and pass them on to the Police!

I've invested too much into this business to
risk it all for a few crooked bucks!

My Sales Policy.

I know the blunt and abrupt wording of what follows makes me seem a bit
of an arrogant, unapproachable old bugger and I apologize,
but I believe in being up front and transparent with
people from the very start and not ignore them or hide
behind technical "legalese" or "fine print" if there's a problem.
I'm also from the very old, politically incorrect school so common sense,
self entitlement and courtesy are never options when dealing with
Simply put,
If you play it straight with me, Ill always play it straight with you...

 If you purchase, sell or trade any item with RPG you
fully acknowledge, support and are in full agreement
with all my sales policies
in their entirety.

If you cannot acknowledge and agree in full with what
I have written below or are somehow offended by it,
I suggest you do business elsewhere.
Please remember, my shop, my rules.
The choice is yours.

Just as car manufacturers and dealers have no control how you drive,
I have no control how a firearm etc is used once it leaves my care, therefore;

"RPG Estate Firearms will take no responsibility for any damage or injury
incurred by misuse, either deliberate or by accident!"

Lets get this absolutely straight from the outset. I will not accept liability for others stupidity, irresponsibility, negligence,
criminal intent, lack of skill or bad luck! RPG Estate firearms has no control how you or others handle firearms or
their accessories or how they are cleaned, stored, carried, transported, assembled, dismantled, modified or repaired etc.
For example, if you clean your firearm and leave oil in the barrel and blow it up or damage its barrel when you next fire it.
If you incorrectly set up or use a scope so it hits your eye on recoil, use smokeless powder in a black powder firearm,
try to shoot an antique firearm, dismantle the gun and not reassemble it correctly or break or lose parts,
modify the gun in any way, make unsafe reloads or shoot ammunition you know nothing about or even if
you only fire factory ammo etc, etc, etc, whether I supplied the firearm and/or ammunition or not, if you have a blow-up
or other disaster or shoot or injure yourself or someone/thing you didn't intend to then it's your problem and responsibility
and you are the one who is fully liable not RPG Estate Firearms!


If we do business together,
copy this page and file it.

  It is your responsibility to give me 100% 
 correct contact, postage and banking details!

I'm not a mind reader unfortunately.
If I can't get in touch with you because you didn't give me your correct
contact or banking details I won't be able to pay you or let you know your guns have arrived etc!
If you haven't given me full and correct postal details of your dealer or club armour then your items
could end up anywhere in the country and might not surface for months if at all!
This is your responsibility not mine so be please be 100% accurate.
NEVER make any deposits etc without contacting me first.
Due to the growing threat of hackers and scammers nowdays I do not
send invoices so please phone me to confirm bank and deposit details.

1: Jurisdiction:
The law of any contract for sale by consignment or purchase of firearms or accessories offered for sale by
Estate Firearms is governed by the laws of New South Wales.

2: Warrantees:
I will always do my best to help if you have a problem and I handle NEW and used
warrantee issues in this manner:
Repair first.
Replace like for like if item is available and if repair is not possible.
Give complete refund if repair or replacement is not possible.
I do not pay "compensation."
"Compensation" is the very rare instance where there might be a fault (real, imagined
or more often fabricated) but the customer still wants to keep the firearm but doesn't want
it repaired, replaced or their money back but instead demands I pay some sort of remuneration
or they will take me to court or bad mouth RPG in the media, this is little more than
attempted extortion and will be reported to the police and their states firearms registry...

As stated before,
In purchasing any item from RPG you acknowledge and are in full agreement with
this sales policy in its entirety"
All of the above is fair and according to the law and 100% non negotiable! 

Now to the nitty gritty.

firearms have a factory/importers warranty, usually 90 days to 12 months.
Second hand firearms have a 1 month warranty.
1. Warranty begins when you take legal possession of the gun, not from the first time you fire it.

2. I inspect every item before I post it and will never knowingly send you a damaged of faulty firearm or deliberately
misrepresent its condition, model or heritage, things a gunsmith, expert or scholar might spot immediately but I could easily miss.
E.g. An ex-military or sporting gun that looks "MINT" "AS NEW" or in "ORIGINAL CONDITION" but in reality as been
refinished or FTR at some point in it's history or is a reproduction or fake.

Once a firearm leaves my care I can take no further responsibility for what happens to it after that.
Please remember, I am not a gunsmith, firearms expert, historian or metallurgist and I try to be as accurate and fair as possible
with my pricing and descriptions of second hand guns, however, what I think is "FAIR" "GOOD," "VERY GOOD" or
"AS NEW" condition etc others may disagree with, but please accept that I might dismiss or miss defects through a lack of
knowledge that others may see as glaring, it's often a matter of opinion and all I can say is I do my best to be as accurate as possible.
Please be reasonable, demanding a refund because that antique, very well used 100+ year old pre-WW1 Enfield rifle I sent
you has a tiny bit of pitting on the action or barrel or is out of factory specification or there is mineute crack in the stock I
overlooked is just ridiculous and highly unlikely to warrant a refund by any fair minded person.

3. NEW Firearms: Unlike some dealers I take all warranty issues very seriously and will never deliberately leave you in
the lurch or try to fob you off if you have a problem, so please, to get things fixed up as fast as possible if I ask you to take some photographs for an importer or take the gun to a smith for repair or appraisal or if it needs to be posted back to me, please do so
ASAP and not sit on it for weeks or months before getting around to it.
Once I respond to your request for help please get back to me within seven (7) days, if you do not, I will consider you don't
want to proceed and the matter is closed.
If the gun needs to be sent back or to a gunsmith, this will be at your expense and I will cover the return postage.
I want to solve the problem for you as soon as possible and the sooner we action things, the sooner you can get back to shooting.

I only acquire "NEW" firearms from the manufactures official Australian agents and they will be fully backed up with
factory/importers warrantees, I usually don't have them is stock but can easily get an updated quote for price and availability.

5. "NEW ON CONSIGNMENT" These firearms are new guns in stock sent to me by importers, they may be the latest model
or a discontinued one but all will carry a factory or importers
NEW gun warrantee etc.

6. Most manufactures and importers NEW gun warranty policies usually go as stated above.
Repair first, replace if repair is not possible and then refund if all else fails.
N.B. If you modify, attempt to repair yourself or take your NEW
gun to an unauthorized gunsmith, you will void
it's NEW gun warranty!

7. 2nd Hand Firearms: All second hand firearms and accessory's are sold "as is."
Though I am not a gunsmith I will always try to ensure that 2nd hand firearms are in good, safe working order.
As I said earlier, I will never
knowingly sell a faulty firearm or misrepresent its condition.
Be aware that 2nd hand firearms as well as obsolete or discontinued models do not come with a factory warranty and
parts and spares are often very difficult to find if at all, however, Ill always try to help if I can.
Please be aware that second hand guns may be missing their original case, tools, instructions, spare magazines etc
that would have been included when they were new and are therefore sold "as is" so please remember, you are buying
the gun, not the extras it may have originally come with.
If you find a problem with your 2nd hand firearm within 1 (one) month of taking it into your possession with faulty or broken parts,
or failure to fire but not trigger adjustments, sight alignment, cleaning or bedding or if you just don't like it etc, (see 12 & 13 below)
take the gun to a licensed gunsmith and have them send me a written report within 1 (one) month  (at your expense) on their
business letterhead showing their ABN and licence number and a quote for repairs and I'll deal with it ASAP.
Please action things quickly if the report from your gunsmith takes more than a month to reach me, I'm very sorry but I
will not pay for the repairs.
Warranty only covers the firearm not its scope or accessories, tools or instructions etc.
Be aware we may require the original importers gunsmith to inspect it as well to verify the quote and if the gun needs
to be sent back or to a gunsmith, this will be at your expense and I will cover the return postage.

Once the repairs are done the gunsmith now takes full responsibility for their workmanship and any future warranty
issues must be taken up with them and not RPG.

8. All damage caused by ammunition in NEW or used firearms be it reloaded or factory is not covered by any warranty or liability
and once you have fired the gun any subsequent damage you my find will be your responsibility to repair and not

This is an industry wide policy as ammunition quality can vary greatly with even the best quality factory ammunition or carefully hand loaded ammunition has been known to have catastrophic failures and destroyed or damaged guns and injured shooters.
To this end, as I (RPG Estate Firearms) having no control over what or how ammunition is loaded into your gun, can take no responsibility for any damage, loss or injury etc caused by an ammunition failure be it factory or reloaded, and therefore such
damage and/or injury is not covered by any new or used warrantee or liability as this is a problem with the ammunition and/or it's manufacturer or possible carelessness on the shooters part and not with the gun itself.
Basically if the gun blows up, your issue is with the manufacturer of the ammunition and not RPG Estate Firearms.

Also, some firearms prefer one type of ammunition over another and reliability and accuracy may vary greatly so you may need
to experiment with different brands and/or loads to get top performance.
This is particularly true with the more expensive "top end" firearms, especially semi-auto pistols of all calibers.
That old box of .22 hunting ammo is unlikely to perform well in your new Walther SSP or Pardini SP rapid fire and
cheap 9mm will probably be unreliable in your top shelf  SIG, BUL or Tanfoglio...
Avoid using high velocity/pressure loads (of any type) on a regular basis as they will ultimately burn out the
barrel and loosen and/or damage the action of your guns over time that could lead to a potentially dangerous failure...

9. Antique guns are often very sloppy in their actions and of unreliable metallurgy and are generally unsafe to shoot and
should only be for collecting, display and study not firing.
Shooting any antique firearm, even if its in mint or unfired condition is highly dangerous and should never to be attempted
under any circumstances and you do so entirely at your own risk and liability!
If you acquire an antique rifle, pistol or shotgun from me and blow it/you up this will be your fault and not RPG!
ALSO, If you are caught shooting a gun held on a collectors permit you will be in breach of the law and will almost
certainly lose your licence and all your guns.

10. If you pull your NEW or used gun apart and are then unable to reassemble it correctly or modify or break it so it no
longer shoots/blows up etc, please don't try to deceive me and say the gun's faulty and you want your money back, it's not
really broken, you messed with it and my gunsmith an I will rapidly discover this on inspection, so kindly take responsibility
for your own mistakes as you will receive no compensation from me!
Every club seems to have a resident know it all or "Expert" or a member who was once an, "Police/armed forces armour etc."
This is all very nice but if he isn't a licensed gun smith with a registered business and ABN
and if he cannot
furnish a written report on his business letterhead, I'm not going to be able to help.
If you have had the 2nd hand gun for over 1 month or have put a couple of hundred rounds through it and
you then discover a fault, sorry but I really can't be expected to help. See 7 above.

11. The trigger systems on second hand firearms with electronic triggers are not covered by any warranty.
Electronic triggers are similar to ammunition failures in that if the wrong battery is installed or the unit is over charged or
rough handling of its electronic card etc the gun can be damaged and/or rendered inoperable and this is out of my
control, however mechanical faults will be covered as usual.

12. I prefer to send guns by registered mail, wrapped in bubble wrap and card board etc to protect them with my return address
and phone number written on the back. Smaller, non firearm items usually aren't registered. 
I usually cover the post to your dealer or club armour however Firearms that need to go to a Western Australian dealer
may need to be sent by courier, this may incur a $100+ fee.
Be aware some guns may need to be dismantled and or the box they came in trimmed down so Australia post will
accept them for postage.
I do not insure the firearms
, if you want them insured it will be a minimum of $70+ per pistol and $100+ pre rifle.

If an article goes missing in the mail I will do my very best to help track it down but a replacement or refund is highly unlikely.
It's your responsibility to give me correct dealer/armour's up to date postal address and contact details etc.

13. Once a gun etc leaves my care I can obviously take no responsibility for any loss or damage that may happen in transit by
Australia post/courier or from clumsy handling or "testing" from your receiving dealer so no refund will be possible.

14. I inspect all firearms before dispatch and give them a bit of a clean up if necessary and to make sure
they are complete and in good condition however some secondhand and particularly military firearms may have parts
missing (sights, screws, stock pins etc) I will mention this in the description of the gun but I may also not notice their absence.
If the missing part does not affect the safe firing of the gun its absence is not a warranty issue.
I do not test the head space or run gauges up the barrel etc and rarely if ever test fire a gun and remember I'm not
a gunsmith so I may miss some defects.
The used by date of air and gas cylinders in air pistols and rifles can sometimes expire without my knowledge, I will always do
my best to avoid this but if one slips through I will always help getting you a new replacement or re-certifying the one you have.
Be aware that all NEW firearms are proof tested at the factory and rarely if ever cleaned before dispatch, so when looking
down the barrel or at the breach or bolt head of your new gun for the first time and see some fowling etc please don't think
I'm trying to deceive you by representing a second hand firearm as a NEW one.
If I say it's NEW then it's NEW! If it's second hand it's second hand! I don't play silly games that will come back to haunt me!

15. I will always do my best to represent the make and model of NEW and used firearms etc accurately, but understand
I am not an expert on every scope or accessory or model of firearm made and often there are mechanical and/or cosmetic
differences, with accessories or instructions etc of the same model of gun or scope etc made in different year batches.

For instance a Pardini SP .22 pistol made in 2019 could easily be different from one made in 2020.
Please be specific, if you want a particular make and/or year model of manufacture or special features etc please tell me
and I will do my best to find out its availability for you so we can get your order right.
E.G. If you ordered a Ruger Mk1 and I send you a 2019 model Ruger Mk1 but you really wanted the 2020 model Ruger Mk1,
unless you specify exactly what you are after in the first place I can't be expected to read your mind so a refund isn't going to happen.
However if I order and/or the importer sends the wrong thing then we will correct matters ASAP and I will cover the postage etc to and from your dealer or club armour.
Also, sometimes there are promotional extras such, special finishes, sights, bags etc that may be changed or deleted that I might
not be aware of and so not alter or have on my site.

16. If you have paid for a firearm then change your mind or find the gun isn't legal in your state or the police won't
grant you a permit/licence to own it or it wasn't what you thought it would be or you just don't like it after all and want
your money back, I'm sorry but this is not a warranty issue and you will not receive a refund.
Lets be honest, I'm not K-Mart and firearms are not cloths that don't fit or a DVD that doesn't work.
Please be 100% cretin that the gun you order is the one you want and can legally have in your possession!

17. Ex-military, second hand and antique firearms are sold "as is" and are sometimes made up of mixed parts, (FTR)
with different numbers and markings or repairs or are of unreliable metallurgy etc and I make this known
in my description of the gun if I am aware of any such instances.
However, I don't possess x-ray vision, magnifying glasses for eyes or a encyclopedic brain of every make, model, proof mark
and part of every firearm ever made and will sometimes miss nuances and faults that an expert may spot immediately.
Also please be aware that many markings are often worn down or are missing through the passage of time, repair,
politics and use and this is often reflected in its price.
Please remember, if you are caught shooting a gun held on a collectors permit you will be in breach of the law and will almost
certainly lose your licence and all your guns.

I will never deliberately misrepresent the make, model or condition of a NEW or used firearm and as stated earlier I freely
admit I am not an authority on all the types of military, sporting guns and accessories so unless I'm 100% certain I usually
describe the NEW or used firearms I have in stock by what is on their registration paper or importers invoice.
Now you might be one of those very scholarly types that know all the subtle differences between an Lithgow SMLE No1 Mk3*
and a Lithgow SMLE No1 Mk3** and you might even know the maiden name of the proof masters second wife from the
Birmingham Proof House from 1928-1932; but I don't; so demanding a refund because the German K98 I sent you was made
by Mauser AG Oberndorf as opposed to Mauser AG Borsigwalde or the stock screw is not of the correct pitch etc or something
along these lines is just not a warranty issue.
As mentioned earlier, if you want a particular make and/or model year of manufacture etc please be specific and please
don't assume I know what you want.

18. The one thing I can't and wont guarantee is your ability to hit the target...
I know this seems a little flippant but I have had people try to get refunds because they expected their new Olympic
quality pistol or high precision varmint/target rifle to deliver the goods without setting up the gun properly, using the
correct ammunition or knowing how to shoot and doing there bit behind the butt.
Most firearms will have a preference for one load over another and you will need to do some research to find out
what combination achieves the best in accuracy and reliability and lastly, to be very blunt, if you can't shoot straight
that's your problem not mine!
Remember, a firearm is only as accurate or as dangerous as the person pulling the trigger!

19. Refunds for NEW and used firearms will only be paid if the gun and all it's accessories (if any) are returned to me
in the same condition I sent them. I suggest photographing the firearm and accessories as well as the box/container
your dealer will be retuning it to me in just incase its damaged in transit.
You will not receive a refund if you send back the gun but decide to keep its scope or extra magazine, cleaning kit,
factory manual or the box/case a
NEW gun came in etc, it must arrive back to me complete as I sent it to you.
I do not cover any transfer or storage fees between you and your receiving dealer and in the case of refunds I will only
refund the money you have paid me in the purchase of the gun.

20. If you are still dissatisfied with my efforts to remedy warranty issues (and in over twenty years of trade I've always done
the right and fair thing by my customers) and wish to take legal action then it must be through your states "Department of fair trading."
I will acknowledge none other!

21. "Is the customer always right?"
Mostly, but only if you don't try to deceive, con, bully or threaten me, deliberately waste my time or have an overbearing
sense of self entitlement or behave like a barrack room lawyer.
In a nut shell, if your up front and honest with me I will always try to help you, lie or bully me in anyway and your on your own!
Remember, though I will always try to offer the best and fairest personal service and will NEVER deliberately leave a
customer in the lurch, it's still, my shop, my rules and as stated above, common sense, courtesy and honesty are never an
option when dealing with RPG.
Yes I know, to some I'm an arrogant bastard but that's just the way it is and at least you know who your dealing with from the start.
If you find what I have written unsatisfactory or offensive and you will not acknowledge and agree with it, it's very simple,

 If we do business together,
 Please copy this page and file it.

3: Selling Your Firearms With RPG:
Not only do I promote your gun on my web site but also
on and as well!

1. I register all guns to my books, llegally they become the property of RPG and I take on the responsibility of
safekeeping and all the other headaches etc
so if you decide you want it back you will need to get a PTA.
Morally and financially they are always yours and I will do my best to get you the full amount you wanted
I won't be springing any nasty little surprises on you, such as, "Ok I sold your gun for $300 but Ill have to deduct $40 for the transfer into my books, $150 storage fee for the 18 months it's been in the shop (Your gun's should ether be for sale or in storage, not both!)
and another $50 for the two times I took it to the gun show plus $80 to cover advertising and another $40 to do the paper
work for the sale. You owe me $60 thanks, but we'll call it even."
Don't laugh, this does happen, and if the terms and conditions of sale haven't been spelt out to you in writing* before
handing over you firearms, I suggest you accept nothing from the dealer, contact your local department of consumer
affairs and your states
Firearms registry and put in a formal complaint!
Your rights as a consumer are laid down in law!
Be assured, no matter what they say, suggest or threaten, you're not going to be in any trouble,
so don't let the scoundrels get away with it!

2. If you change your mind and want the gun back you will need to get a PTA and pay a storage fee of $10 for
every month it was in my care and a further $30 for the advertising on Oz Gun
Sales plus any other expenses it may have incurred.

3. If you give me a firearm please tell me if there have been any problems with it.
If I find there are faults with the piece I will send it back to you or have it repaired, all at your expense!
If I can be upfront with you, you can be upfront with me.

4.  I try to look at items through a prospective customers eyes and so will always try to give a fair and realistic appraisal of the
items you'd like me to take on, so let's be serious, just because some website or someone somewhere says your guns worth
a fortune doesn't mean it's necessarily so!
Something's only worth as much as someone's willing to pay for it
and telling me "I don't care how long it takes to sell" and
insisting on trying to get top dollar will only mean it will take a whole lot longer to move and I am in the business of selling guns
not storing them indefinitely waiting to drag the last five cents out of the last dollar...
I will not accept guns that are broken or in poor condition unless they are antiques etc. I have had people with recent model
guns that have been so poorly cared for that they are unsellable.  
Unfortunately, "commemorative" firearms maybe lots of fun to collect but they rarely if ever hold their value and believe me,
I have yet to come across this mystical "Collector" with the cavernously deep pockets who is prepared to pay a
fortune for everything that passes under his nose...
You know that clapped out single shot .22 that's been in the chook shed for years or the Winchester commemorative or bog
standard mid-war Lithgow .303 you invested in, well sorry, but their highly unlikely to be worth the $250 or $3000+ you
want for them.
N.B. Please bear in mind, if I need to come and collect your guns from your residence of from another gun shop
or Police station this will be reflected in the amount I will offer you and/or the price I will try to sell them for
because Ill need to recoup my time and petrol etc.

5. I like to settle all my accounts and pay people what I owe them immediately and to this end when I sell your guns or accessories,
you will receive a phone call advising you of the sale and to confirm your address or banking details, you will then have your money electronically deposited into your account or a check posted to you
In this way I can sleep at night, and not have to come up with fairy tales or un-truths if challenged, "OK sport! Where's my
gun or where's my money!"

Make sure you give me your correct banking details, if your BSB or Account numbers are wrong your money
may well end up in someone else's account!
If you prefer to be paid by check,

Sorry, but if I can send your money to you straight away, please have the courtesy to bank it!

It's your responsibility to give me 100% correct banking details, if your money goes to
someone else because you gave me incorrect information it's your problem and not mine
and you can negotiate with the bank to to try get your money back!

 6. If you happen to find a buyer for your gun/s or would like another dealer to take over the sale a flat $50 transfer/return
fee will apply per gun as well as courier or postal fee if necessary.

7. If you want to send me a firearm to sell on your behalf, you must have it sent by another dealer or club armour, you
cannot post it direct to me. Please make sure you put your full contact details and instructions in with the gun, as my
Psychic powers aren't what they use to be...

                                           *If we do business together,
                            Please copy this page and file it.

4: Buying Firearms, Etc From RPG:
I source all my NEW firearms from the recognized Australian agents who can offer factory warranties etc.
I do not deal with dodgy "Gray" importers!

1. Best not get a PTA till I have confirmed that there is a gun with your name on it all ready to be sent to your
dealer or club armour.

Some people rush out and get PTAs only to be disappointed when they find out the gun could be a good 5-6+ months away.
Unfortunately just because you have a PTA all ready to go doesn't mean what you want is immediately available.
If your PTA expires before your gun arrives please don't expect me to replace it.

2 Sorry I do not do lay-buy or accept part payments or haggle or negotiate on price.
My price is my "Best price" and includes post to your dealer or club armour unless it needs to be sent by a courier.
A gun etc is not yours untill it is paid for in full.

3. Once I quote you a price, that's all you'll pay! I don't tack on any extras like paperwork or postage fees and I'll
post your guns free of charge to your dealer or licensed club armour anywhere in Australia!* Ill even store your gun/s at
no cost till you get your permit to acquire (PTA) or licence etc organized!
*Except west Australia that might need to be sent by a courier (to be arranged by your receiving dealer) and this will
probably mean another $150+ to the price, sorry but take it up with WA police.

If however you want overnight express or insurance a minimum fee of $150 will apply, larger items may cost more.
RPG cannot grantee that your goods will still reach you when you want them or in the condition they were originally
packed and will not be held responsible as such...
Once they leave my care it's in hands of Australia post/courier and your receiving dealer or club armourer.

4. I do up to thirty plus quotes a week and I can loose track of people and what they wanted over time, so when contacting
me via phone or e-mail just refresh my memory of your full name, what you were after and how much I quoted you. 
Please don't play silly games... I don't want to make any embarrassing blunders by telling you the item may cost more
than before and have you thinking I'm just trying to rip you off.
I also get cryptic e-mails and phone calls that consist of nothing more than,
"What's the deal with the 9mm on your site?!" or "How much is a scope?"
How long is a piece of string!? A little more information please, my psychic powers aren't what they used to be!
Try to be specific and give me clear make and model numbers etc so I can give you an accurate price.
Sorry but I won't respond to a shopping list containing 10-20 bits and pieces or SMS messages!

5. "NEW" Prices subject to change without notice.
My NEW gun prices are fairly accurate but because of the fluctuating dollar (and sometimes my clumsiness) it's always
a good idea to get an updated quote.
Also the price of a firearm etc my rise between time of order and its eventual arrival, I will always try
to stick to the original quoted price but I can't be expected to take a loss.
Pictures of NEW guns might not be of the actual firearm I have for sale but of the same model available from the
importer so there may be cosmetic variations between what is on my site and what you may receive.
I try to be fair and up-to-date with all my prices, but sometimes I need to change them without notice.
Prices may also go up and down from the importers end before I can adjust my list as well

6. There are usually no problems posting guns etc, all I need are your details and the full and correct address, licence and
phone number of your dealer or club armour, this is your responsibility so all information must be 100% accurate
your gun could get lost in the mail for months or for good and this will be your problem and not mine.

I only send firearms to licensed gun dealers, club armorers or Police stations THAT IS THE LAW!
I do not send firearms for "appraisal" before perches.
I normally cover the post to your nominated dealer but will charge a fee if I need to use a courier or if you want overnight delivery.
I do not insure the firearms, if you want them insured it will be a minimum of $70+ per pistol and $100+ pre rifle.
I do not cover any transfer or storage fees between you and your receiving dealer.
I only post and store firearms free of charge, not scopes, presses and other accessories.
I don't export outside Australia

7. If you don't see what you want, I can usually get it in.
If you are after something and it is available now, best we put a back order on it or risk missing out.
Remember that what may be in stock now might not be in stock in six weeks time when your PTA arrives or at the same
price and be aware that what is available on overseas web sights might not be available here or at the same price also...
Once an order has been placed I usually receive your gun a week or so once it's been paid for.
If the importer is waiting for stock from overseas there maybe a 6-10 week or more delay...
We are at the mercy of the manufacturers, importers and customs agencies both here and abroad...
For custom made firearms we can be cooling your heels for many, many months...
Australia is unfortunately the low man on the Totem pole when it comes to firearms and accessories so remember,
Save yourself some money and don't apply for a PTA till you are 100% certain that your new gun is ready for
collection from your dealer.
Just because you put a PTA in doesn't mean the gun will arrive before it expires.
(If you are a NSW resident I can get your PTA extended for about another month but I will need to be contacted
at least 7 days before it expires.

8. Please be 100% certain you know what you want and can afford it!
If you have ordered a 6" barreled S&W 686 revolver etc and I get it in for you please don't
change you mind and ask for a 4" one instead, exchanging a gun once it's here isn't that easy!
To change an order that has been already delivered to me will cost you a minimum of $100
I will always try to offer the best possible, personal serves, however, though it may be a simple matter for you to
change you mind it costs me and the importer time, money and paperwork!
When ordering a custom made gun be 100% sure you know what you want. I will place the order using your e-mailed
instructions so if the gun arrives and it's not how you thought it would be, sorry no refunds!

9. Make sure your licensed to own the firearm you are buying and that it's legal in your state and Ok to use at your
clubs range and is approved for the matches you wish to shoot.

Don't contact me wanting you money back and complaining the police won't let you have the gun or your club
wont let you use it! You won't be getting a refund as it's your responsibility to make sure its Ok to possess and use not mine!

10. I prefer not to take deposits with orders as there can sometimes be a very long wait for guns to arrive and I
don't like taking money if I can't supply you with what you immediately.

If an importer insists on a deposit but ultimately cannot supply the firearm, you will receive a refund.
If you have paid a deposit but decide you don't want or cannot have the gun for any reason, you will not receive a refund.

11. Pictures of NEW guns might not be of the actual firearm I have for sale but of the same model available from the
importer so there may be cosmetic and/or mechanical variations between what is on my site and what you may receive.
If you want a particular make and/or model year of manufacture etc please be specific and don't assume I know what you want.
Refer to section 13 under warrantees for greater detail.

12. As I have stated earlier I am not a walking encyclopedia of every firearm, part or accessory made so if you
want specific technical data please refer to the manufactures website or the net in general.
See sections 12-14 in Warranty's mentioned above.

13. Instructions for Internet Deposits
* Some pistols, rifles and shotguns, due to there calibre, action, barrel length, mag capacity
or year of manufacture etc can only be acquired with a specific collectors, industry
or Hi-caliber permit etc, contact your states
firearm registry for details.
If you purchase a gun that you find you are not allowed to poses, sorry but there will be no refund.

5: Payment:
NEVER make any deposits without contacting me first.
Due to the growing threat of hackers and scammers nowdays please remember to
phone me
to confirm bank and deposit details.
RPG will not be held responsible if you deposit money into an incorrect account.

I'm very sorry but I do not do lay-buy or accept part payments or holding deposits and a gun is not yours until it is fully paid for.
Once I receive the invoice from the importer I will contact you and require full payment within seven days unless

we have made other arrangements, pleas do not wait for your PTA etc before paying.
If you don't pay or speak to me within seven days of me contacting you I can only assume you no longer require
the firearm and your order will be cancelled and the gun sold to some one else or returned to the importer etc.
Please remember, even though I may have sent you an invoice, the gun is not secured or yours until it's fully paid for.

When you order a gun be it new or second hand, kindly be prepared to pay for it when the time comes.
Please, don't mess me around!

If there'll be a delay in payment just tell me, there's no problem, I fully understand these things happen and
I'm happy to help out if I can... Just don't bullshit me!!!
If you tell me you are going to do a deposit or send a check then please do it when you said you would and not in a
weeks time or so!
If payment is not made within seven days Ill assume your just stringing me along and stuffing about and
Ill simply move the gun on to someone else.
If you change your mind and don't want it after all that's fine but have the courtesy to contact me so I can cancel the order etc.
If you have paid for the item but change your mind and you don't want it after all, please don't ask for a refund
because, "I can easily sell it on to someone else,"  it's not always that simple so, all sales are final.
Sorry but I will not be put out of pocket for any reason!
I'm happy to store your gun/s at no charge for about 6 month while you are waiting for your PTA or licence etc but
only if it has been paid for.
If you are sending me a letter by mail with payment and/or instructions etc write legibly!
I accept direct bank or internet deposits, check and money orders, sorry I no longer accept credit card.

Link to,

Instructions for Internet and Banking Deposits:
Do not make payments till you have spoken to me first and then please make the
deposit ASAP as items may be out of stock if you leave it for a week or so or wait for your PTA.
Just because you've paid doesn't mean I have the item in stock, please call me first to make sure.

(02) 99705872  or  0413996795 
National Australia Bank: Account name: RPG

BSB: 082294   ACC: 284437940
Again: Due to the growing threat of hackers and scammers please remember to
phone me to confirm bank and deposit details.
RPG will not be held responsible if you deposit money into an incorrect account.

Please put your surname and the item you have ordered when you make the
deposit from your internet bank. E.G. Fred Smith, Colt Python .357
Even if we have done business before please send an E-mail to with
the banks conformation number* your name and phone number and the item/s you have
ordered as well as the full details of the dealer I will be sending your gun etc to as well as any instructions you may have.
*If you don't supply the banks deposit confirmation I won't send your goods!

I love getting large sums of money as much as the next guy but I have received deposits and
even full payments for items and had no idea who sent it or what it was even for so PLEASE communicate clearly
and precisely as my clairvoyant powers are waning with my advancing years!
Please pay ASAP and not several days or weeks later as the items you may have wanted may be
sold or just not available when you finally get around to paying for them...

Prices are in Australian dollars.

6: Abandoned Firearms:
If you have fully paid NEW or used gun/s stored with me you have 60 days to collect them or have me send them
on to your nominated dealer or club armour (at no charge) unless we have made long term storage arrangement such
as in the case of you waiting on a PTA, licence approval or outcome of a court case etc.
My storage fee is $10 per gun per week.
If 60 days passes and you have not given me instructions as to what you want me to do with your guns
and you have not contacted me and I have been unable to contact you, I can only assume you have "abandoned"
the item (a legal term) and you do not want it after all, and after I have tried to contact you one last time, I will put
them/it up for sale and your money will not be refunded!
It is in your best interest to never ignore my emails, SMS or voice messages.
If you change your contact details or are having trouble getting a PTA or your licence or your home storage
approved etc etc please keep me informed and Ill always try to help.
This is your responsibility, so please keep in touch with me or you could loose your gun and will not be reimbursed.

7: Sending Firearms to RPG:
If you wish to send a firearm to me it must be sent by a licensed dealer or club armour whether
you are a NSW resident or not and must have all relevant paperwork and contact details included.

8: Appointments:
If on the very rare occasion we have made an appointment please try to be on time or at least have
the courtesy to let me know if you will be delayed.
A gentlemen made arrangements to come up from Wollongong (about 130Km away from me) to collect a firearm
at 12.30pm but decided to take in the sights and have lunch and coffees along the way and couldn't be contacted
as he'd switched off his mobile phone...
He ultimately arrived at 3.40...
I was long gone on other business!

9: Importing Firearms:
I do not import, however here is some advice you may find useful.
If you are considering trying to import firearms from overseas, do your research thoroughly before you commit
to much time, effort or money to the project.
If you come across that collectors peace or custom gun you can't possibly live without then its probably worth your
while, if your just trying to save a few bucks on a firearm that is already imported then I suggest you give the idea
a miss as you will only go through a lot of mucking around and expense, e.g. import and export duties, shipping
fees, Australian dealers fee and postage etc etc and at the end of the day you'll probably only save a few
dollars at best or even be out of pocket.
Remember a gun you bring in may not even be covered by a factory warranty that an importer will have and if your overseas
dealer sells you a lemon you'll have no one to turn to and it's not as if you can put it back in it's box and "return to sender!"
If you are determined to bring something in this is what you need to know.
1: If your gun/s fail the customs safety test it will need to be taken to a gunsmith for repair before they will release it. It will
need to be collected from customs, taken to a gunsmith and then returned to customs for inspection this will cost a lot of money.
2: What your states Firearms registry says is ok and what your states customs department will allow and what
the Attorney Generals department will permit, can be three different things and can vary widely from state to state.
Dot every "I" and cross every "T" and have approval from all concerned IN WRITING!
3: WARNING: Don't even consider trying to import items that are illegal or try to build up a prohibited weapon
from parts a little bit at a time as you will eventually get a visit from the police asking difficult questions like,
"Hay mate, can we see the AK47 you've been building up, it must almost be finished by now..."

Don't laugh this does happen.
4: I do not import...

10: Storage: I do not do long term storage.
1: As stated above, I do not do long term open ended storage, so how long will I have them in my possession?
It's $10 per gun per week, if you just dump them with me and forget about them you may well rack up a storage
bill greater then the items replacement value.
I will try to contact you to see how things are going but if you don't respond or ignore my calls, SMS or emails
and things have gone on to long I will sell your firearms and you will receive nothing for them.
If you are having trouble, renewing your licence or getting your home storage approved etc please keep me
informed and Ill always help if I can. It's your responsibility, so please keep in touch with me if there will be a delay.

2: If I need to collect your firearm/s from you or the police it will be $200 to cover my time and paperwork
and then $10 per gun per week plus two weeks storage to be paid in advance before pick up.

If you pay for a NEW or used gun or put a deposit on one you have 6 months to collect it, otherwise a storage fee
of $10 per gun per week will apply, if another 6 month passes and it hasn't been collected and I cannot contact you I can
only assume you no longer want it (see 6 above, Abandoned firearms) and I will put it back up for sale and your money
will not be refunded!

4: I will store your gun but not maintain it; In other words I will take all care but no responsibility.

5: If you have a new or used gun sent to me from another dealer, you have two weeks to pick it up before
I start charging storage fee.

6: Guns will not be transferred or released from storage untill all fees are paid.

7: It is in your best interest to never ignore my emails, SMS or voice messages.

11: The Law Of The Land!

All transactions for firearms and there parts are bound by the
relevant state and commonwealth laws.

If you are interested in taking up the sport or need some advice or have an unregistered gun of any type, (category C or D etc)
you don't know what to do with, by all means call me and I'll happily and confidentially point you in the right direction.
If you try to obtain or "fence" a firearm, parts, accessories or ammunition illegally or behave in a
threatening, bombastic or
irrational manner be warned, I log those calls and e-mails and pass them onto the Police immediately and hiding behind
even the most sophisticated VPN is no guarantee of anonymity.

Also be aware
police have been known to covertly monitor dealers emails and phone calls...

And yet, after the above warning, posted on the front page, in red so that even the biggest pin headed idiot can't miss it,
I still get phone calls and e-mails like these!

"If someone happened to have an AR15 lower that never got handed in after 1997 but no upper would it somehow be able to be registered as a pistol if the person who has access to it also can buy a legal AR15 pistol upper and has a handgun license?
And would they have to wait for an amnesty before attempting to register it? (Victoria) Thanks for any help you can provide."

(In other words this guy had an unregistered AR lower receiver he was trying to build up into a rifle.)

"Hello, I'm looking for a 38. snub nose, registered or not.. obviously i have no license but i think we can sort something out
for the right $$.. reply ASAP please. in dire need."

"Hey mate I really want to buy a high power gun for my dads Christmas present but i do not have a
license would you still sell to me if i paid you extra ; )"

"Hi Mate, I would like to buy your gun. I do not have the required license. Are you still able to sell it to me? top dollars
will be paid. or let me know if you know someone who might be able to sell me one. I need it for my personal safety.
SMS if you are able to assist on 0--------6 I would appreciate your help."

But this imbecile is the undisputed Napoleon of pin-headed retards and the best so far...
"I've read and acknowledged you warning about asking for unregistered guns, but would you still have a little automatic
pistol or a .22 auto rifle I can cut down that's off the radar?"

These e-mails and phone numbers were forwarded to the police,
they were investigated and ultimately charged!

Yes, you can still be prosecuted even if you just inquire about getting a firearm illegally...
Putting it simply, I've invested to much into this business to risk it all for a few crooked bucks!

12: Transferring New & Used Guns With RPG:
Unless I know you personally I no longer accept transfers from other dealers or witness the transfer of firearms between shooters.
For people I do know, I charge a flat $50 per gun transfer fee on used guns and $100 for NEW firearms and $10 storage per week
per gun if the firearm has come in from another dealer.
I fully understand you can sometimes find the "gun of your dreams" cheaper from another dealer, but gosh darn it you could
still have bought it from me! ; )

13: Importers and suppliers take note:
When I place an order with your company for firearms, accessories or services and once I've received your invoice
via e-mail your bill will be paid immediately by direct deposit into your businesses account. 
They'll be no messing around chasing me up for your money, simple as that!
Once I've been paid by the customer I like to have other peoples dollars out of my hair ASAP!
(I bet you'd like to have more clients like me!)
I'm also happy to take firearms etc on consignment. They will remain your property until sold.
I will promote them on my site, display them at gun shows etc and if need be, sent back or sent on to another dealer etc.

14: All The Other Stuff:
1. Every one is welcome to use my photos for educational purposes, however please give credit where its due. (Link To RPG)
If you need them for commercial reasons please ask permission first! A flat $25 fee applies per picture.
2. Pictures of "NEW" guns are examples only and there may be variations in finish, sights, grips and accessories etc.
3. When mailing items to me please provide a covering letter written legibly with your full details and instructions. I have received checks, scopes and even firearms in the mail with no idea who they were from or what I am supposed to do with them!
As I said before, my psychic powers just aren't what they used to be...
4. Office hours are, MONDAY TO FRIDAY 9.00 AM - 6.00 PM 
5. In purchasing any item from RPG you acknowledge and are in
full agreement with all
the above!

                                      Please copy this page and file it.
                       I have now mentioned this four (4) times. Please don't say you haven't been told
                                   In purchasing any item from RPG Estate Firearms you are in
                                           full agreement with this sales policy in its entirety.

15: E-mail:
Before you E-MAIL

1: Please keep correspondence short and to the point, if it's to long and rambling I probably won't read it...

2: I won't respond to a shopping list containing 10-20 items.
3: YES! Everything I have for sale is on the site I have nothing tucked away!
4: I won't respond to rambling technical questions or open-ended enquiries such as, "What sort of .22s are around?"
    I also need the make and model number of the items you want or I can't do an accurate quote.

5: If you want extra photos of specific guns etc I will need to go to the warehouse to take them, this is a time
    consuming task so it's $5 each with a minimum charge of $50
6:  If I don't answer within 24 hours or so it usually means I'm waiting for a response from an importer.
7:  I do not respond to SMS.
Sorry I don't export outside Australia.


If you E-mail me on Friday or on the weekend it may be Monday or Tuesday till I can have
an answer for you.
I try to answer my mail within 12 to 24 hours unless me or the computer goes "PHUTTTTTT!"
Be aware that some e-mails may get stopped by my Virus protection, and Ill never see them;
If you don't get an answer within 48 hours please phone me.

PHONE: (02) 99705872
MOB: 0413996795
N.B.  I do not respond to SMS
  9.00 AM - 6.00 PM

So there you have it, my sales policy spelt out plain and simple.
Now if you are a bullshit/con artist or one of those wankers with an overbearing sense of self
entitlement who believe the customer is, "always right" no matter what and are offended
by the above, tough luck sport, I suggest you go annoy someone else who will
put up with you because you'll will get no joy from me!

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