AV Ballistics Case
Polishing Medium:

Are you sick of getting cases glugged up by corn cob or walnut shell polishing medium? Tired of spending money on "rejuvenators" and other expensive additives to get your cases clean? Then AVB has come up with the answer... AVB Case Cleaning
Granulated PVC.

Made from recycled electrical cable sheathing, this chopped PVC actually assists the recycling industry, by finding a downstream use for a waste product that would otherwise be used as landfill. The finely balanced mixture of fine copper dust, and larger particles of PVC electrical cable sheathing (multicolored) gives a gentle cleaning and polishing effect to Brass cases, from Military Range produce to the normally "clean" pistol shells used in revolvers. AV Ballistics uses it in Cement Mixers, to do preparatory cleaning of Military Once Fired brass, prior to resale or reforming.

A batch of AVB Cleaning Medium will normally last for 15 to 20 loads in a large Vibrator/Tumbler, such as a Lyman 3200, or even more in
a rotary Tumbler (various brands).
It can also be used in conjunction with any of the other case polishing medium.
I use a 50-50 mix and get great results.
When the color of the PVC has all disappeared under a coat of dirt and debris from the cases, then it is time to dispose of it.

And now the Cost??!!

Only $25.00 per 4kg bag*

Compare that with $40 to $50 for a ten pound (4,53 kg) box
of (Imported) Corncob????

A 4kg bag will suffice for about 30-35 cycles in an average sized
vibrator or tumbler.

Time to clean from 1 to 3 hours, depending on "dirtiness" of the cases.
It will remove all grit and dirt from cases, making them suitable for trouble free resizing, and avoid scratching or scoring die sets.

The PVC medium is NOT affected by humidity or weather changes, or vermin. (See how sticky Corncob gets in the North of Australia, and
don't the Mice and Rats love it!!!)

$25.00 per 4kg bag*

All Enquiries Contact,

PO Box 763 KENMORE Q.4069

*Approximate weight

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