Trigger Locks.

Ruger Super Blackhawk .44 Mag

Ok, be honest, hands up all those who have turned up at the range and went to get the trigger
lock of there gun only to find you've
forgotten or worse, lost the bloody key!
Yep me too, but I did it at a away shoot!
So I spent the weekend sitting in the "Dumb Corner" drawing a pussy cat...

Bernardelli 68 .25 Cal
Fear not fellow thick heads a solution is at hand!
has three digit combination trigger locks
that fit just about every gun there is.
From Ruger to Remington, FWB to Colt
this simple little lock can secure them all.

Springfield M6                          Enfield Mk4

This is a solidly made US product not a cheep copy!
Solid two piece construction.
3 wheel combination 1000 possible codes.
Easy user combination changes.
Unique pressure sensitive sizing ensures
lock fits tightly into guard.
Rubber padding to prevent scratching.
Easy to follow instructions.

Colt 1903

Including post to
your door anywhere in Australia.

Now you might think $29.95 for a lock is a bit much
but when you consider the alternative it's well worth it...

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MOB: 0413996795

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