Hearing protection, a good investment!
(The Wife was one too.)

Many years ago I was getting ready to shoot a service rifle match at the Anzac range here in Sydney and I was putting in my ear plugs and about to put on some muffs as well when a "Veteran" shooter has a go at me,
"Wot do ya need all that shit for son, ya some kind of poofta or sum think, I never needed all that shit when I was a youngen!!!
He says this between fiddling and cussing at his hearing aid...
Now most people aren't particularly bothered by loud noise, cap-guns, fire-crackers, popping balloons, loud music, the happy sound of gunfire etc.
The problem is, that if you are constantly exposed (in particular the gunfire side of things) to loud noise your hearing will eventually be damaged and once it's gone it's gone for good!
Now there are lots of ear muffs and plugs around and all are pretty good at cutting down the sound to a safe level, however, what if you need to hear what's going on around you in particular the dulcet tones of a range officer bellowing "Cease fire! Guns down!" for one reason or another...
Enter the electronic ear muff, a great investment in safety if there ever was one!
For those who don't know how they work it's quite simple.
The muffs have two small speakers, battery compartment and solid state electronics built into the ear covers with a small microphone on the outside.
The external microphone picks up and amplifies sound but cuts off the internal speakers when the noise goes over 85db then switches back on again once the noise has dropped to a safe level, all in an instant.
The great thing about this is that you can carry on a normal conversation whilst still being protected, they just cut out if the sound reaches a dangerous level.
The ones I have are imported by the good people at Aqusport, they're comfortable to wear, not being particularly heavy or cumbersome, they cut out all harmful noise above 85 decibels, have a 200 hour battery life (AA), rotary on/off volume knob, led indicator light and a 12 month guarantee.
I have a set myself and don't know how I did without them, they're great!
The bottom line,
$95 Posted

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